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Installation & Commissioning

When the machine or system is ready to be wired and connected to the control panel, our control systems electricians will work on your site to carry out this task. Location is not a problem and all our personnel are happy to work both overseas and throughout the United Kingdom.

Following completion of the machine wiring, our electricians will power up and test the control circuits, power supplies and test the inputs and outputs to the control system.

At this stage, our Software Engineers will visit to install and commission the control software for the machine. Training can then be carried out on the control system. This will include both operators and maintenance personnel.

Final documentation will include the electrical schematics, software files and listings, declaration of conformity for CE or UKCA marking, operators and maintenance manuals, recommended spares listings plus technical documentation of component parts used within the control system.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning in progress onsite.